Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Digital Marketing

Hey there, digital marketing folks! Are you already a part of the artificial intelligence (AI) world? Or are you ready to learn how it’s transforming the business landscape? We’re about to embark on an informational and thought provoking ride, so let’s dig in, Artificial IntelligenceAI What is AI, exactly? It’s the creation of computer systems […]

Ways To Ensure That Your Digital Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Fail

Implementing a digital strategy can be a complex process, and several key factors can contribute to its success or failure. Here are some tips to help ensure that your digital strategy implementation is successful: 1. Clearly Define Your Goals Before you start implementing your digital strategy, it’s very crucial to clearly define your goals and […]

Why is Digital Marketing Important in this Age?

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has dominated so much of our time in the last few years. Whether it involves meeting new people through different social platforms or connecting with your friends or family who are miles apart. But one thing we all know is that social media […]

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

In 2023, businesses must pay attention to Gen Z, TikTok, and artificial intelligence because they are not only the future but also the present. It’s time to stop wondering what the future may hold and to start actively embracing new technologies with the top digital marketing trends for 2023 if you want to develop a […]

How To Improve Your Google Ads Score

Your Google Ads Quality Score is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. A higher Quality Score can lead to lower costs per click and higher ad rankings, resulting in more clicks and conversions.  Here are some tips to help you improve your Quality Score quickly: 1. Improve Your Landing Page: […]

Engagement is the new word of mouth

Did you know that email marketing accounts for 50% of all online sales?

With the largest e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Woo Commerce, and others, we have developed robust integrations. Connect your preferred web services and applications to get more out of your transactional and marketing emails

The Power of Persuasion

What Content can do for you?

The art of content marketing involves using a narrative with insightful information to increase
brand recognition and audience awareness. Our content marketing effects are long-lasting, and
we are ready to move you in a profitable direction.

Increase your Revenue with SEM

Want to level up your online marketing with SEM?

SEM is a method for paying to boost your brand’s visibility on search engine results pages.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing or paid search are other names for this. SEM is possible on a
number of search engines, but it is primarily done on Google. SEM has an immediate impact
and gives you the luxury of defining your target market. It is based on factors like age, interests,
geography, customs, and more.
Come to us for innovative ideas for better ads and business.

The right result for your marketing strategy

Looking for ways to crush your competitors through search engines?

To rank highly on search engines, we employ organic strategies through SEO. This is the
standard method of driving traffic from search engine results pages to your website. It also
contributes to the conversion of this traffic into qualified leads

Feel the power of branding on social media.

Are you looking to collaborate with a digital marketing agency that offers more results with less talk?

We use Social Media Marketing to attract your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
and other for-profit social networks to boost sales, improve profitability, and draw in new clients.
Finding the right platform to market your product or service is crucial because each one has its own set of
rules. So, get in touch with us.

Ultra Package

Hand it all over! The ultimate package will be customized to fit every aspect of your brand and guarantee that all tasks are completed. This is ideal for businesses who don’t want to manage every aspect of their social media accounts on a daily basis or under pressure.

  • A weekly strategy call (4 calls a month)
  • Enhance your existing website/ Website Development
  • IOS/ Android App Development
  • Social Media Management
    • 1 content day per month on site
    • 1 x Complementary Teaser
    • 1 carousel post per week
    • 4 x blogs a week
    • 3 x still feed posts every week
    • 3 x reels per week
    • 3 engaging story per week (Poll, This or That)
    • Instagram stories 5 days a week
    • Business Page Creation (Fb, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Linked In, Indeed, Snapchat)
    • Personalized hashtags for each posts
  • Monthly social media calendar
  • Lead Generation (As per requirement)
  • Content and SEO Management
  • Keyword Research (SEO) (On your existing content)
  • Organic Branding and Awareness
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Advanced Meta Campaigns
  • Google Ads
  • Optimized Budget Paid Campaign (To Reach Targeted Audience)
  • KPI Tracking & Organic Traffic to your Website
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Ongoing strategic review and organic growth plan
  • Regular communication
  • Website development management all included (Our hosting 50%)
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • Photography and Videography

Starting from $849

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